My latest Avonex discoveries

My latest Avonex discoveries


I have had some trouble with hesitation in starting my Avonex injections in the 3+ years I’ve been doing them.  I have tried different rituals and practices to see what helps me, and different things have worked for various numbers of weeks.  Three recent enhancements are proving very useful to me!


The first one is that I set up a mirror so that I can watch the injection “remotely” rather than directly.  This creates just enough detachment that my hesitation is a lot less now.  It’s a mirror like you might put on a table, and I prop it at leg height by holding the support leg down flat against the table top with a tape dispenser or stapler, and then adjust the angle so that I have a good view.


The second enhancement is even simpler: I cross my non-target leg ankle across the target leg, just above the knee, and let the weight of it hold my leg still.  This firm contact creates a very supportive feeling for the target leg.  I got the idea in part from how comforting it was to me when I had a spinal tap many years ago, when the nurse held me while the procedure took place.  At the time I didn’t know that it was required as part of the procedure; I though she was just comforting me!  Well, I never have forgotten how powerful that was as an experience, and it is amazing to me that simply the weight of my other leg crossed over can create a similar feeling of support.


The third fairly recent enhancement is that I do some squats (with almost no weight on a barbell) to get the muscles working a bit to accept the drug, and then I do a legs-up-the-wall yoga resting pose (Viparita Karani) for ten minutes.  Between these three enhancements, I have greatly reduced the hesitation and the side effects I have after the shot as well.  If any of this helps someone else, I will be very happy to have shared it!




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