When big muscles cramp

As I said before, my preference is to have my muscles be large muscles, if I am only going to have partial control of them.  There is one time when it is a disadvantage to have big muscles:  when they cramp up!  I woke up with my left calf in afully locked knot on Thursday of this week, and it was so intense that all I could do was to breathe through it and wait for the chance to get up and release it.

 This rattled me a lot, and I wasn't sure about going to work that day.  I did go, but things there were tough for me to cope with, and i decided to walk home, to see how that was on my legs.  I usually walk about 2 1/2 MPH, but this was a slower one.  I took 2 hours to cover the 4 miles, all the while wondering if this would be a good plan, or one I would regret.  I made it home okkay, and did 20 minutes of stretching and went to bed hoping that I would not have another lock-up of my calf while I slept.  When I woke up Friday, my legs felt okay, and I did not have a repeat episode.

The least negotiable thing for me, in my walking is that I take good quality steps, more on that, in my next post! 


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